Thursday, 22 March 2007

How did I get 60 people to attend a (paid for) event?

Welcome to my new subscribers, including those
who came along to the Internet Marketing Masterclass
on Wednesday evening.

60 business people attended and several of them asked
me how I promoted the event. The answer is email

I invited 527 people who requested to receive information
about my events, when they subscribed to my e-newsletter.

Six organisations helped me to promote the event -
by email. Thousands of invitations were sent out.

By the way, Graham Hill, the MD Verbatim, who introduced me,
broke his foot last year. This was the first event he had attended
in six months, so thank you Graham!

Verbatim answer my phone calls, when I can't.
In my view, they are the perfect companion to a website
as "some people like to write (i.e. email) and some people
like to call." And when they call - a real human being
better answer within a few rings. Or else all that hard
work on marketing may vanish into thin air.

All the best,

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