Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Search Engine Optimisation tips

Here are some SEO tips for you. They are based on Stage 4 of my new book - which is now available!

Begin by thinking about your target markets. What are their needs? How would they describe your type of product or service? Create a list of likely search terms ('keywords').

Tap a few of these into Wordtracker: www.wordtracker.com

Then find out what people are actually searching for, using this Yahoo resource (Click on 'Keyword Assistant' over on the right).

Ensure that you are using Title Tags which are relevant to the page content - of each and every page within your website.

Upload new content to your website regularly. This will get noticed by the search engine spiders and give them new words to feed on!

I hope that this helps. I offer a variety of services to help turbo-charge underperforming websites. Interested? Then by all means get in touch!

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