Thursday, 9 April 2009

Build your database, one person at a time

I was talking to a member of The Marketing Compass
yesterday about their contact list.

'How many contacts should I have?" he asked me.

"As a small business owner, aim for at least 500,"
I replied. "However, a couple of thousand would be great."

"Where do I get the names?" He asked me.

"Well," I replied, "you can buy a list from a list broker.
However, the best way is to gradually build your own list."

The best list will always be your own list. Build it one
person at a time. When you meet someone at a
networking event, enter their business card details
in your database. When you exchange emails with
someone new - do the same thing.

Online social networking is a great way to meet
new (virtual) contacts. If you are communicating
regularly with someone via a social networking site -
do they also appear in your database?

The data needs to be held in one place. ACT! is a popular
sales and marketing database. Within our office, we use
Critical Mass.

Incidentally, ensure that you have registered under
the Data Protection Act (or equivalent, in your country).

At the core of your list will be your current customers.
Communicate with them regularly! And communicate
with the other people on your list at least a few times a
year - otherwise - what's the point in having them there?

All the best

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