Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Alliance Marketing Partners (AMP)

Here is a way to generate more business, without spending money. The AMP concept operates as a two way street. Sales leads can flow backwards and forwards between AMP partners - without finder's fees or commissions. (If money does change hands, then it turns into a channel to market, which is a different thing entirely!)

Find non-competing organisations which serve the same markets as you do. Forge alliances with them – in order to generate more business for both of you.

For example, a software developer could form alliances with a hardware distributor; an IT training company; and a computer network installation enterprise. The four companies could then:
* Pass on sales leads
* Send endorsed letters to each other’s clients
* Run co-funded events, such as seminars
* Provide reciprocal links on their websites

My experience is that one in four alliances will produce real results. The good news is that the sales leads you receive should be ‘warm’. After all, you have been recommended by a trusted supplier – so you are already half way there to making a sale.

New client relationships created in this way tend to be long lasting.

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