Thursday, 24 January 2008

How to place articles in the media

Articles are a great way of raising your profile. You can use them to establish yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, they can generate high quality sales leads. Here are the steps to take, if you want to place an article.

The first rule is: never write an article – and then try to find a home for it. Always ‘place’ your article first and then write it.

Find a publication (or website) which is read by your target market – and which accepts ‘by-lined’ articles. ‘By-lined’ means that the article has been written by an industry expert. Their name appears at the end of the article.

Contact the Editor or appropriate journalist (e.g. a Features Editor). If you are doing this by phone, here is how the conversation might begin:

YOU: ”Hello, my name is John Smith, calling from ABC Limited. I was just wondering whether you accepted by-lined articles?”

EDITOR: “Yes, from time to time.”

YOU: “That’s great. Well, I have an idea for article along these lines…..”

Note that by asking whether they accept by-lined articles, you received an early ‘Yes’. As professional salespeople will tell you, the more they say ‘Yes’, the better.

You would then proceed to outline the idea for the article. Offer to send a synopsis (i.e. brief outline) of the article by email.

Finally, you need to agree how many words the Editor wants the article to be; when they want to see the first draft by; and whether any photographs or illustrations are required.

Your last challenge is to get the writing done! If you would like to discuss copywriting services, by all means get in touch.

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