Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Have you built a trusted brand?

Your objective is to build a trusted brand. Once you have done this, everything else falls into place.

Trust is the absence of fear. Human beings are based in fear. After all, who knows what might be lurking in the bushes? For a million years, we have had a tough time avoiding '101 ways to die suddenly'. And then, ZAPPO! we have created a society where most of the physical threats have disappeared.

Unfortunately, the reptilian brain doesn't believe a word of it. This deep seated part of your 'thinking gear' generates the 'Four Fs' of survival: Fear, Flight, Fight and of course Procreation. It considers that we are basically in a hostile environment (such as Maidenhead on a Saturday night) and works to protect us.

Now let's turn this anthropological debate towards marketing. If you aren't getting your fair share of customers...could it be because they are scared? They may be concerned that they have never heard of you. Or that it's difficult to figure out whether you are really an expert in your field (despite the evangelistic marketing copy on your website).

Or perhaps it's because they can't find any reference to a guarantee (just in case things go wrong). Or that you don't offer a simple way to experience your service / product without a big commitment.

One of the key functions of marketing is to remove fear - by consistently and patiently communicating that you are a trusted brand.

In order to be trusted, your values must be reflected in your actions. Be truthful, reliable and consistent. Show integrity and passion. Love and care for your customers and advocates.

I wish you well on your journey, but keep a sharp eye on those bushes!



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