Monday, 14 April 2008

The last four stages to building an effective website

Two weeks ago, I gave you the first three rules to building a successful website. Here are the last four:

Step 4: Think CONTENT
Produce, manage and distribute outstanding content. Use keyword analysis to find the words and phrases which your target market is searching for. Use a CMS (Content Management System). This will allow you to make changes to your site, whenever you want.

Step 5: PROMOTE your website
* PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, i.e. Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing
* Google Adsense
* Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Check out
* Directories, i.e ...which feeds into Google etc
* Inbound links
* Banner advertising
* Media relations (online, print and broadcast)

Stage 6: Accept PAYMENT
By e-commerce enabling your site.

Stage 7: MEASURE your results
For example, by using Google Analytics (which is free).

I wish you all the best with your marketing!

Incidentally, I have advised hundreds of enterprises on how to turn their website into a customer magnet. If you feel you would like some help: just ask!


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