Wednesday, 7 May 2008

How to get your press releases published

Sending out press releases via email is a great way of gaining media coverage. Editors, however, are inundated with hundreds of emailed press releases each week. Unable to print all of the information they are sent, most of them end up being deleted. Don't be deterred! Here are some guidelines that you can follow to make your press release stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, ensure that you've researched the publication properly and the information you are sending to them is relevant. Edit your media list to make sure that it's up-to-date and only includes publications that will be interested in your business.

Second, know the point of your story and make sure it's newsworthy. A press release that simply advertises your company won't work. In the same way, self promotion can put an editor off printing something that would otherwise have been newsworthy. Go for a new and interesting angle to grab the editor's attention. Be sure to keep the publication's target audience in mind.

Check your grammar and then check it again. Use short sentences, short paragraphs and short words. Be concise and avoid using technical jargon.

Include the most important information in the first paragraph. Editors are busy people and are unlikely to read a press release that is pages and pages long.

Make the editor's life easy. Don't forget to write a headline, date and contact details. Add a 'note to editors' at the end and a note about any resources such as pictures, if relevant.

Finally, don't forget to edit your press release carefully. Ask a colleague or friend to double check it before you send it out.

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