Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mind Maps and marketing

For five years, my office was across the corridor from Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping.

We used to talk about life, learning and the future of mankind. I learnt a lot from Tony (this was probably not reciprocal).

I regularly use Mind Mapping in my work. For example, during presentations, seminars and speeches, I have found that audiences are not keen on PowerPoint. However, they like Mind Maps. A single Mind Map, displayed on the screen behind me, orientates both myself and the audience.

Words and images on the Map can be hyperlinked to web pages, slides etc. You can then return to the 'big picture' (which the right brain needs to see).

I use Mind Mapping to think about a client's marketing challenges and specific situation. They are particularly helpful in meetings - as I prefer to watch the client's body language than spend most of the time writing notes.

Here is a brief description of how it all works:

Tony recently told me that he has published 95 books - and is going for the ton!

The Marketing Compass, my marketing mastermind group for small business owners, has got off to a cracking start. "Having joined The Marketing Compass, I am reaping the rewards of step-by-step professional advice and feedback on my marketing activities. Brilliant - thank you Nigel.” David Willis, Information Drivers

Click here to see the four types of membership.

Our next Marketing Masterclass open event (no charge!) is on the evening of June 25th. We have 51 people registered and the room holds 80. If you are interested in attending - please email and she will send you your ticket. Or call her on 0845 003 0865.

I wish you all the best with your marketing!

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Evan Carmichael said...

Thanks for the suggestions! We launched a Mastermind Group Resources Blog to give entrepreneurs strategies to get the most from their Mastermind Groups and I was pleased to see your post! If you are interested in being a guest blogger on our blog to discuss Mastermind Groups, just email me!

Keep up the great work!