Thursday, 29 May 2008

Can you visualise a successful marketing future?

Plans, budgets and details are important – but they won't drive you forward. A clear vision of your future business, on the other hand, can do just that.

Visualise your 'future success', on a regular basis. Sports professionals use this technique to imagine winning, well before they start to play the game. Top sales professionals do the same. In the privacy of their mind's eye, they see their future sales results, happy customers and financial success. They think about the material possessions and experiences they will enjoy, when they have won the business. You should use the same approach.

Spend a few minutes each day relaxing in 'futuretime'. This simple (and highly enjoyable!) process will have a direct impact on your sales and marketing activities. You will feel more positive and energised. Your actions will change and your results will improve. The key thing is to do it. Knowing how successful people and businesses act is one thing. Doing what they do is another thing entirely.

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