Tuesday, 2 December 2008

What to do when nothing seems to work...

In early November, I was talking to a member of The Marketing Compass, my marketing mastermind group for small business owners. "Nothing seems to be working," he said. "What am I doing wrong?"

"You are not doing anything wrong," I replied. "You just to apply some 'sticktoitness' and have some patience."

We spoke a few times in November. I told him to diarise two marketing slots each week. We discussed the actions he had to take, to turn things around. He knew who he was targeting, what his messages were and which promotional techniques to use.

Hey Presto! It's now early December and business is coming his way. All you need is a little Sticktoitness - and the good times will roll again!

Written by Nigel Temple, small business marketing specialist

Founder of The Marketing Compass - the small business marketing system for small business owners

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