Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Finding the time to do the marketing

Marketing is time intensive, isn't it? You have to think and
plan, do the writing, look after your website and send out
your marketing materials. And that's just for starters!

How do other small businesses get their marketing done?
Well, for them, marketing is a core activity, not just a
'nice to have'.

They focus on marketing and make their enterprise marketing
centric. They schedule time to do their marketing, every
week. In addition, they spend time learning professional
marketing skills (by reading, attending seminars, talking
to experts etc).

In other words - they are good at time management. They
organise their busy schedules to include key marketing
tasks. As a result, whatever is happening in the economy,
customers keep arriving at their doorstep.

All the best


Small business marketing specialist
Founder of The Marketing Compass, the
marketing mastermind group for small
business owners and independent

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Mara said...

I always say to students who are looking for a 'glamourous' marketing job that its more labout intensive than you think! And any marketing project starts with a lot of work.

But I have found, that after time- it gets better- and if you have built your foundations right- you will be able to start building on those foundations. Many marketing projects have a 'snowball' effect and as the more you market your business- the more it starts to work for you and make your job a little easier.