Thursday, 10 May 2007

When times are good, keep marketing!

Most of my clients are currently too busy to
scratch themselves. Personally, I would like
to think that this has something to do with
my advice. However, I must admit that the
upbeat UK economy may have something to
do with it.

Part of my role is to remind them that whether
times are good or bad, they must keep marketing.

Press releases and e-newsletters have to go out every
month. Blogs should be posted regularly. Events need
to be planned, scheduled and promoted. Networks need
you to be there. Your website needs pruning and
updating. And on the list goes....

If you are busy - this is the time to capitalise on your
success and Do Some Marketing!

If you aren't quite so busy: guess what my advice
would be? (Hint: DSM!)

All the best,

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