Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Blogging can help your search engine results

A website alone is not the answer. If you want to generate a stream of visitors - you must launch an integrated internet marketing strategy.

Part of this strategy used to be an e-newsletter. Today, blogging is a hot topic. Blogs are quick to produce and they are more likely to get through. As they are typically 'one-subject' items, they are more likely to be read. In addition - they can have a direct impact on your search engine results.

Some of my clients only use blogging. Some also publish a formal e-newsletter. How about you?

I will be discussing these issues in detail at the Internet Marketing Masterclass, on the evening of Tuesday 17th July. As always, the attendees will want to know how to attract the right type of visitors, how to get more sales enquiries and how to generate more business. It would be great to meet some of my blog subscribers and answer some of your questions!

I wish you all the best with your internet marketing!


Dave Clarke said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. We blog (here >>>) & have an ezine (synergy).
One question that I have for Tuesday is 'How important is it to link the 2?'

Nigel Temple said...

Hi Dave

Yes - I think that you should link your ezine and your blog, as this should boost your subscriber base.

In turn, this will impact your search engine results.

The internet is all about sharing ideas and content - so the more links, the better!

All the best