Sunday, 5 August 2007

I am living with an 800 pound gorilla. Help!

Just in case you were worried about me - here is why I am keeping a low profile in the blogosphere. I am living with an 800 pound gorilla. And no, this is not a music hall joke.

The gorilla is a metaphor for a project I am working on: to write a series of three marketing books. At the same time, I am running a business and running around after my wife and four children.

The first book, 'How to get clients to come to you' is done and dusted. Yippee! If you care to visit any of the European Amazon websites (i.e. and tap in my name - the book is already listed. (My excitement is uncontainable, I tell you).

I am currently writing the second book, on internet marketing, in conjuction with Darin Brockman. The third book in the series will describe how to write compelling marketing words.

I wonder whether you should go out and get yourself an 800 pound gorilla? In other words, a really BIG project, which you don't have time for?

Something that will raise your game, enhance your brand and even, gasp, generate a new revenue stream for you in the future?

I wish you all the best with your internet marketing!

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Graham Hill said...

Thank you for introducing me to blogging.

This will now form part of our marketing strategy.

A question?
In the business categories on offer for industry type we do not have a natural fit and I am wondering whether to put our service in marketing?
Verbtim's telephone reception and inbound call handling can impact on our clients' businesses in a number of ways:
Improving customer service and corporate image
logs sales enquiries and delivers marketing collateral
supports marketing campaigns
increases sales enquiries by 20%-30%
reduces staff costs and company head counts
increase efficiency and productivity of execs who need protected time.

Does this fall under marketing? - certainly not telecommunications. Nigel what do you think?

Kind regards

Graham Hill
01635 573208