Friday, 4 April 2008

The power of consistency

Consistency is all important in marketing. All too often, you see marketing campaigns come and go. Enterprises start marketing. Then it stutters and stops.

So when you begin a marketing exercise, stick to it!

For example, a newsletter should go out every month. You should blog at least once week. If you join a networking group, you should turn up regularly. If you are doing PR, then you should schedule activity for the year ahead.

Running a business means that you are a professional plate spinner. I know that you have got to keep all those plates moving! Marketing is an important plate. So why not put key activities in your diary for the weeks and months ahead?

Just like you, I have had a busy week. I am committed to writing this blog every week. And here it is! =)

Here is some news for you. I have now launched The Marketing Compass - just for small business owners. Click here to read all about it, including a special 3-in-1 launch offer.

I wish you all the best with your marketing!


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