Thursday, 27 March 2008

The first three stages to building an effective website

Stage 1: Know your DESTINATION
* Write down your objectives for your website

Stage 2: Define your market SEGMENTS
* A market segment = a group of people with shared needs.
* Define who you are communicating with.

Think of your website as your 'marketing hub'. Your website should:
* Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter
* Have information about events (i.e. exhibitions, seminars, open days)
* Be media friendly

Good website design is based on clear thinking. All too often, websites are confusing for first time visitors.

See your design from the customer's perspective - will they feel comfortable? Can they easily find what they want? The guiding principle of website design is clarity.

My services include internet marketing strategy and website orchestration.

There are 4 more stages which I will share with you next time!

All the best with your marketing!


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