Friday, 4 July 2008

Use meta tags to boost your search engine results

Meta tags are added to the HTML of a website to boost search engine rankings. They are not guaranteed to gain you a top ranking. However, they can certainly help to give you some control over how your web pages are listed.

Just to complicate things, Title Tags are not technically meta tags (but you don't really want to get into semantics, do you?!)

Title tags:
NB: Google pays attention to these tags!
Title tags refer to the contents of the page. If you look at the screen in front of you, you should see the Title Tag for this page, in the blue band in the very upper left hand corner of the screen. You will get better results if you have different title tags for different pages.

Description tags:
Gives a concise description of the page, within a Search Engine results page. (Unlike the random wording often found on these pages).

Keyword tags:
Some search engines go through your site and save Keywords in their database. Using keyword meta tags should help to boost your page a bit higher, when those particular words are searched.

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