Wednesday, 19 March 2008

10 rules of internet marketing

A website alone is not the answer. If you want to create significant revenue, think in terms of an integrated internet marketing strategy.

Rule 1
Decide what your business objectives are for your internet marketing. Quantify this. Keep focused on your objectives.

Rule 2
Ask your target market what they would like to see within your website / newsletter / blog.

Rule 3
Test Test Test. This is the way to discover what people really think.

Rule 4
As a mass communication medium, the internet is unique because it is interactive. How interactive is your internet marketing?

Rule 5
Create e-relationships. ("Relationships first, business second").

Rule 6
Choose your promotional techniques with care. (Free / low cost techniques can work the best).

Rule 7
Integrate your internet marketing with your promotional mix.

Rule 8
Keep everything simple. Don't use technology for the sake of it.

Rule 9
Content is everything. Have useful, helpful content.

Rule 10
Measure your results.

I have helped numerous companies to improve their internet marketing performance. If you would like to discuss my consultancy services, by all means get in touch.

All the best with your marketing!

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