Thursday, 13 March 2008

Writing effective marketing words

Do you love to write? Successful marketing communications depends upon professional writing. If you're not a writer, I recommend seeking the help of a professional copywriter. ('Copy' means 'marketing words'; hence 'copywriting' is the process of writing words to promote a business, product or service).

If you are going to write your own copy, it is essential that you learn professional copywriting skills.

Good writing is critical for the following promotional techniques:

* Advertisements
* Brochures
* Direct mailshots
* e-shots
* Flyers / leaflets
* Newsletters
* Postcards
* Press articles
* Press releases
* Websites

Here is a five stage process for a piece of effective promotional copy, based on the AIDCA model:

1. Attention: headline or opening line

2. Interest: product description

3. Desire: the offer / proposition

4. Conviction: the guarantee / reassurance

5. Action: call to action

This model can deliver excellent results. Give it a try if you are thinking about writing your own copy.

If you would like to professionalise your copywriting, click here.

Copywriting is covered in Stage 6 of my book... on the book cover to read all about it!

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Dave Clarke said...

Great formula. I have also seen the 'C' in point 4 expressed as credibility. If you are marketing professional services then a quick client story can give reassurance about how you helped someone with a similar problem.